Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Since its founding, CHENGZHI has always been adhering to its mission of “benefiting the people and serving the country through industry”, and determined to serve the country and benefit the society. Following a core philosophy of “Dedication, Self-discipline and Social Commitment”, CHENGZHI fulfills actively its social responsibility, operates according to law and in good faith, and contributes to the society for value sharing through hard work. From its listing to 2017, the company had allocated cash dividends of RMB562.9244 million to its shareholders, and paid various taxes and fees of RMB1,906.9849 million to the country in total. The company cares for people, promotes innovation and entrepreneurship, saves resources, and protects environment, striving to achieve an organic unity of economic income and social responsibility, and make unremitting efforts for the people’s happy life and the country’s prosperity. 

  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Relying on the discipline and resource advantage of Tsinghua University, CHENGZHI persists in boosting the industry-university-research integration, helps Tsinghua University’s development of education and teaching and supports the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. Besides, it serves the country’s innovation-driven development strategy, trains innovative senior management and technical personnel, and creates entrepreneurship incubation and talent training bases for more innovation and entrepreneurship projects to be launched.


    • March 2020: The Project declared by Anhui Baolong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was included into the special project list of the 4th group of significant emerging industries in Anhui Province.


    • February 2020: The following three group standards developed under the leadership of Shijiazhuang Chengzhi Yonghua Display Material Co., Ltd. (“Chengzhi Yonghua”) were officially implemented: Measurement of Melting Point of Liquid Crystal Monomers – The Differential Scanning Calorimetry (SBX 026-2019), Measurement of Resistivity of Nematic Thermally Induced Liquid Crystal Monomers – The Direct Voltage Method (SBX 027-2019), and The Testing Method of TFT Mixed Liquid Crystal Density (SBX 028-2019).


    • November 2019: SCIENCE PARK CZ passed the 2018 annual assessment for National High-tech Business Incubator.


    • November 2019: Chengzhi Yonghua was named the “2019 National Model Enterprise with an Advantage in PRs”.

    • In November 2019, Liboshi, a brand of Chengzhi Life Science Co., Ltd. (“Life CZ”), was awarded “2019 Health Brand with Outstanding Market Potential”, and “Liboshi D-Ribose Granules”, Life CZ’s main product, won “2019 Science & Technology Progress Award in Nutrition and Health”.


    • July- November 2019: The Technology Center of Chengzhi Yonghua ranked top in the performance evaluation of Shijiazhuang Research Center for Engineering Technology, honored as “excellent ”in the construction and operation performance evaluation of Hebei Provincial R&D platforms, and honored as “”good” in the 2019 evaluation of National Corporate Technology Center, successively.


    • October 2019: The project of “high-penetration liquid crystal material used for TFT-LCD” of Chengzhi Yonghua won the “2019 Hebei Provincial Digital Economy Innovation Achievement Award”.


    • July 2019: Chengzhi Yonghua was listed in China Top 500 Corporate Patents, specifically, at the 180th place, and ranking 3rd in Hebei Province.


    • April 2019: The “polymerizable liquid crystal material used for PSVA LCD panel” developed by Chengzhi Yonghua won the “Innovation Award of the 7th China Electronic Information Expo”.


    • March 2019: The project of “research on new-type hybrid gasification technology development and application” of Nanjing Chengzhi won the third Prize of “2018 Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Award”.


    • Chengzhi Science Park actively creates a climate of innovation and entrepreneurship in Jiangxi Province, builds a first-rate education and training platform as well as an innovation and entrepreneurship incubation platform and tries hard to create an excellent environment for technological innovation and entrepreneurship to offer perfect value-added services for innovative technology enterprises. So far, it has become a state-level technology enterprise incubator and a state-level maker space to serve innovation and entrepreneurship, make contribution to regional economy and scientific and technological development, and contribute to the building of an innovation-oriented country.


    • In March 2018, CHENGZHI made a donation to Tsinghua University to establish discipline construction funds used for supporting the training of top innovators and construction of world-class disciplines at the Department of Energy and Power Engineering and the Department of Chemistry.


    • In March 2018, CHENGZHI made a donation to the JIANG Nanxiang Scholarship Fund.


    • Always paying attention to the work of training, Chengzhi Dandong Hospital has successfully accomplished national-, provincial- and municipal-level training assignments over the years, and trained several hundred excellent medical talent for the hospital and society. In October 2017, Chengzhi Dandong Hospital was successfully approved as one of the second group of standardized training bases for resident doctors.


    • Slichem (Chengzhi Yonghua) has more than 30 years of experience in upstream display materials, and played an important role in the localization process of liquid crystal materials. In March 2018, Slichem was granted the “Outstanding Contribution Award” for its significant contribution in promoting the localization process of display materials. In August 2018, it continued to be the “Hebei Provincial Excellent Enterprise Technology Center” with the total score ranking 2nd in the province and 1st in Shijiazhuang Area; and became a council member of China Electronic Chemical Materials Alliance.


    • As a state-level high and new technology enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of laser remote sensing monitoring instruments for motor vehicle exhaust, Chengzhi Baolong has successively undertaken 3 projects of the National 863 Program, 1 project of the China Torch Program, and 1 project invested by the central government, and has become a setter of the national environmental monitoring industry standards and local standards. Besides, it got involved in the construction of China’s first national engineering laboratory for atmospheric environmental pollution monitoring.

  • Energy and Environmental Protection

    Energy and Environmental Protection

    CHENGZHI actively carries out the ecological development philosophy, explores the clean energy exploitation and utilization, and by adopting clean coal production technologies, supplies high-quality chemical raw materials for corporate customers for a long time, thus becoming a model for carrying out “recycling economy”. Moreover, it adheres to the path of industry-university-research development, and participated in the construction of China’s first laboratory for atmospheric environmental pollution monitoring to contribute to the national “Blue Sky Program”.


    • By adopting clean coal production technologies and insisting on innovation, Nanjing Chengzhi constantly explores the conservation and environment-friendly reuse of traditional energy, supplies high-quality chemical raw materials such as carbon monoxide, methanol, hydrogen, synthetic gas, sulfur and 2-ethyl hexanol  for corporate customers for long, and becomes a model for carrying out “recycling economy”.

    • Chengzhi Yongqing is now under construction. The company mainly has a 600,000t-per-annum methanol-to-olefin plant and its optimized project of a 100,000t-per-annum butadiene plant, which are expected to put into production in 2019, and will further enhance the coverage and influence of CHENGZHI as a leading integrated operator of basic chemical raw materials in China.

    • A variety of the remote detection equipment of Chengzhi Baolong, a leading enterprise in China in remote sensing detection of motor vehicle exhaust, is widely used  across the country. With exquisite professional technologies, first-rate professional construction team and dedicated attitude toward work, Chengzhi Baolong has always been making contribution to the national atmospheric pollution control and environmental protection. 

  • Targeted Poverty Alleviation

    Targeted Poverty Alleviation

    CHENGZHI actively collaborates with governments of all levels in poverty alleviation initiatives by creating jobs to boost rural economy and increase rural residents’ income. Through inspection by provincial and municipal poverty alleviation work groups and third-party evaluation on provincial level, approved by the Poverty Alleviation and Development Leading Group of Pingxiang, Guanxia Village of Jiangxi Province, an impoverished village supported by CHENGZHI’s targeted aid initiative, shook off poverty in 2018 and the last 4 poor households were lifted out of impoverishment. In 2019, CHENGZHI further strengthened the local Party organization on primary level as well as the team of the village Party branch and villagers’ community committee, conducting screening inspection to ensure that the needy rural residents have no worry about food and clothing and have access to compulsory education, basic medical services, and safe housing, hence avoiding poverty returning for those lifted out of poverty or emergence of new impoverished households in the village.


    • January 2020: The Party Committee of CHENGZHI (Nanchang) conducted heart-warming activities during the Spring Festival by visiting 28 registered poverty-stricken families in Guanxia Village, Shangli County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province.

    • In 2019, as arranged by local government, Jiangxi Chengzhi Bioengineering Co., Ltd. continued to aid 9 households (now all lifted out of poverty) in Qiuyuan Village, Tianlu Town of Guixi City, visiting them for 38 times throughout the year, living and working with them and assisting with their medical insurance procedures.

    • In October 2019, Chengzhi Dongsheng Clinic Co., Ltd. organized a trip for eight renowned medical experts to Zijingguan Town, Yi County of Hebei Province to provide medical service and medical training as part of the poverty relief endeavors.


    • May 2019: Comrade Gong Yunkui, who was dispatched by CHENGZHI to Guanxia Village, Yangqi Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, was named “the most beautiful person helping people getting rid of poverty” in Shangli County in 2018 due to his outstanding performance in the poverty alleviation, and was honored as “a good person in Shangli’ (for professional dedication) in the first quarter of 2019.


    • In June 2018, CHENGZHI donated school uniforms to all students of the Guanxia Primary School in Yangqi Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, which was built under its funding.


    • Slichem actively supports the educational poverty alleviation project in the mountainous area of Shijiazhuang City. For example, it donated student grant to Taolinping Primary School in Jingxing County, Shijiazhuang City, its poverty alleviation target, after understanding the situation of the school and the needs of children there through investigation and research.


    • In accordance with the local government’s unified deployment, Chengzhi Bioengineering Co., Ltd. gave assistance money to the poverty alleviation village assigned to it for medical, equipment, material, and industrial investment, with a total of 52 person-times assisted. It also made a good arrangement in assistance or coordination after understanding the practical difficulties and needs of needy families.


    • In September 2017, the Guanxia Primary School in Yangqi Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, which was built with funding from CHENGZHI, was fully completed and put into use.


    • In May 2017, with the substantial support of poverty alleviation fund from the company, the construction of infrastructures such as road, drinking water and power supply which were in urgent need as well as the primary school reconstruction project of its assistance target---Guanxia Village, Yangqi Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province, was progressing in an orderly manner.


    • In October 2016, the poverty alleviation work group of CHENGZHI inspected the construction of the Central School in Guanxia Village, Yangqi Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province on the spot. The main structure of the new teaching building at the school, which was funded by CHENGZHI, had been completed.


    • In July 2016, the poverty alleviation work group of CHENGZHI got to Guanxia Village, Yangqi Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province and determined to fund the extension of the village primary school, thus solving the financing problem in the extension project and continuously boosting the targeted poverty alleviation.


    • In February 2016, the poverty alleviation work group of CHENGZHI went to the Guanxia Village, Yangqi Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City, and gave out consolation supplies and consolation money to 56 needy families.


    • In October 2015, CHENGZHI was identified as a Designated Poverty Alleviation Unit in Jiangxi Province to target the assistance of Guanxia Village, Yangqi Township, Shangli County, Pingxiang City, which is a poverty village listed in the provincial 13th Five-year Plan.


    • In October 2012, CHENGZHI went to its poverty alleviation target---Liuyuan Village, Jinjiang Town, Yujiang County, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province to help and support the poor.


    • In February 2008, the poverty alleviation group of CHENGZHI Shareholding Co., Ltd. (“CHENGZHI”) went to its poverty alleviation target---Jinzhuang Village, Maquan Town, Yujiang County, Yingtan City, Jiangxi Province to convey greetings to the senior Party members and cadres.


  • Public Welfare Undertakings

    Public Welfare Undertakings

    Assuming responsibility and devoting boundless great love. CHENGZHI seriously fulfills its social responsibility as a state-owned enterprise and a university enterprise, contributes to the society selflessly for public well-being. The Company launches and gets involved in diversified public welfare activities, such as actively participating in disaster relief activities, launching gratuitous treatment in local communities and schools regularly, conveying greetings to the garrison force, and taking part in afforestation.


    • March 2020: Employees of Chengzhi Yongqing contributed money to support the prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic.


    • March 2020: Employees of Chengzhi Yonghua contributed money to support the prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic.


    • February 2020: CHENGZHI donated 50,000 protective facial masks to Tsinghua University.


    • February 2020: LIFE CZ donated RMB6.00 million D-ribose products to Jingzhou City and Xiangyang City, Hubei Province, to improve the immunity, fatigue resistance and hypoxia tolerance of the medical workers on the front line of the fighting against the pandemic.


    • January-March 2020: A dozen medical service teams of SHENGHUA MDTC remained on the front line to offer 24-hour ceaseless medical equipment support services for medical institutions including Beijing Hui People’s Hospital and Shahe People’s Hospital which are designated hospitals for COVID-19.


    • January-March 2020: Dandong First Hospital dispatched a total of seven medical team members in three batches to head for Jihe Hospital affiliated to Hubei General Hospital, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University and Leishenshan Hospital to support their medical rescue and treatment of COVID-19; and sent two medical workers to support Dandong Hospital for Infectious Diseases, a designated hospital for COVID-19 in Dandong City.

    • In 2019, Dandong First Hospital accomplished 20 healthcare aid missions assigned by Dandong Municipal Government and related governmental departments and organized over 30 charity medical consultations. Besides, over 80 healthcare professionals were sent to support the hospitals under the pairing-assistance program and three were sent to aid Yushu, Qinghai and Tacheng, Xinjiang.


    • In April 2018, CHENGZHI donated supplies to Tsinghua Alumni Association for the University’s anniversary celebration.


    • In April 2018, Dandong First Hospital International Department launched a gratuitous treatment activity.


    • In August 2017, Chengzhi Dongsheng Clinic Co., Ltd. launched a series of gratuitous health diagnosis activities.


    • In March 2017, Chengzhi Dongsheng Clinic Co., Ltd. launched a large public welfare activity for breast health care and disease diagnosis.


    • In October 2016, Chengzhi Clinic Co., Ltd. launched a series of public welfare activities titled “Caring Scientists’ Spinal Health”.


    • In January 2016, an employee named Niu Xiaozhen from Slichem donated hematopoietic stem cells, making her the 1st hematopoietic stem cell donator in Hebei Province in 2016, the 271st in Hebei Province, and the 5386th throughout the country.


    • In May 2013, CHENGZHI launched the collection campaign titled “Blessing Ya’an, Supporting Reconstruction” immediately after the earthquake to support the post-disaster reconstruction of Ya’an.


    • In April 2013, CHENGZHI contributed to the ecological environment improvement and human-environment harmony through voluntary tree planting in multiple areas.


    • In May 2011, CHENGZHI donated a radio controlled clock to Tsinghua University for the celebration of Tsinghua’s centennial anniversary.


    • In April 2010, CHENGZHI organized all of its employees to donate money to the earthquake stricken Yushu area in Qinghai Province.


    • In August 2009, CHENGZHI employees went to the Jiangxi Provincial Blood Center for voluntary blood donation and ease the blood supply shortage at the center.


    • In May 2008, CHENGZHI donated money once again to the earthquake stricken Wenchuan area to support local people for home rebuilding.


    • In May 2008, CHENGZHI donated money to the earthquake stricken area in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province. Dandong First Hospital affiliated to CHENGZHI transferred backbone doctors to the front line of earthquake relief to support the medical aid efforts in the quake-hit area.


    • In February 2008, CHENGZHI actively participated in the post-snowstorm reconstruction in Jiangxi Province by donating money and supplies.


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